Suffered from domestic abuse

Hello, I am Susmita Patra, 28 years, residing in Kolkata. I am working with an IT company and staying with my parents currently. I got married on 29th April 2016. Its was an arrange marriage through matrimonial site. After few days of getting married, i realized my husband is having severe anger issue and suspicious nature. He started doubting me with everyone i met, even restricted me to meet my parents as well. He was abusive and his parent was ignorant about it and forced me to restrict myself meeting my parents even. He was stimulating and abusive each day, After exactly two months of the marriage at night he tried to chock me by neck and i was almost on verge of loosing my breath, i decided i need to leave that house and i ran away at midnight to reach to my parents on 29th June 2016. I have launched an FIR and the PS is working on its pace but till today there is not much of update we have, I want to get divorced and want to recover my belongings from that house. I have realized that my husband has received a call note. Please guide me further, what should i do in order to get the divorce and the other things back.