Forced Resign and Compensation denied

Hello, I was asked to resign because i stood up for myself. My senior verbally and on the mail used to humiliate me and ensured most of the time in the forum. I made a complaint against him but was asked to resign by the MD of the company. In my resignation(1st August) i have mentioned that "I am rendering my resignation on MD's instruction". This is kind of termination...Right?? My resignation was immediately accepted. All my email / webmail access were shut immediately. In my employment contract it is mentioned if company decides to terminate then it will pay one month Salary and if employee decides to resign then she/ he is liable for one month notice period. I received a email from the company to collect my dues on 8th August. However, when i asked for the complete settlement including the one month salary(compensation), the HR is not picking my phone and has sent me an text that whenever cheque is ready, they will let me know. Please suggest, what should be my further action. Warm regards, Ritu