Recovery of my money

A guy I used to work with has taken a large sum of money from me - by swiping my credit cards. He lied to me and said he loved me. I fell for that and lent him this money. The reasons he gave were - his mother's ill health & operation. Now he is in another city and is not answering my calls. I have his WhatsApp messages and some SMSes, where he has promised to give the money back. He even kept 2 of my gold rings in Manappuram Gold & has not returned them. He had returned some of the money, but there's still 4 lakhs + left. Another thing is he is already married with 2 kids - I came to know this recently. Now, he recently married this other girl (in a temple - no one knows about this). Isn't this against the law? (he and his first & second wife are Hindus). I want to know what I can do to get my money back. Can I go to the police? Will they need other proofs? (I don't have anything in writing from him). I am married, and I can't let my husband come to know about this! So, I can't go to court! Please tell me what I should do. I am very desperate and helpless.