Relieving issue

I’m working with NOIDA based BPO for 10 month and they have the clause of relieving , below is the clause:- "During probation either party may terminate this contact by giving 30 days’ notice In writing or upon payment of 30 days salary in lieu thereof.Post confirmation, either party may terminate this contract by giving a prior written notice of 2 calendar months to the other party or upon payment of salary in lieu thereof. At its sole discretion and without being bound to do so the company may waive off the notice period or any part thereof on such terms and conditions as it deems fit. These terms and conditions shall be bound unnecessary disruption of business .Notwithstanding the above, the company reserves the right to terminate your employment forthwith if you are found guilty of breach of any policy of the company or any law or unsatisfactory job performance." My current company forcing me to serve 2 months notice period or else they will not issue my relieving letter. I got selected for one of the leading company but other company is not ready to wait for so long .Therefore I missed an opportunity of working with that company. 1.Could you please guide me with the above clause because company is saying that they can waive off only 10 days from 60 days . 2.Do I ask for compensation from my current company because I ahd to left great opportunity of working with other company because of notice period? Thanks Akash