Mental and physical harassment by wife

Sir, I am married since April 2006 and living with my wife.But I am very much mentally and physically harassed by my wife as she is mentally disturbed and becomes violent when she is very much angry without any reason and I am in doubt that their parents had hidden the truth during Marriage about her mental condition. She had suffered this situation in 2009 and at that time she was diagnosed with medicine but again she suffered same condition in 2014 and she was admitted in mental hospital. On her in laws request she was discharged from hospital and Doctor advised her to continue medicine.But after 3 months she discontinue the medicine and again now she is suffering from mental illness. I want to say that her behaviour till this date towards me,my family and her family is not good, Even with friends,neighbours also.She always misbehaves with me and sometimes in public place also. Her behaviour is not like a normal person. She is blaming on character also which is not true. She threatens me that she will kill me and I am fear of my life. Because of this reason I am living out of my home. I have called her parents and my parents also. I don't have child because of her aggressive behaviour. We went for IVF treatment also but it failed. Kindly guide me whether Can I get divorce in this situation or any legal advice if any.