Credit card default related issues.

Hello there. I had taken a credit card on my personal name on my salary account from HDFC Bangalore on August '15 for the sole purpose of using it on the trips that my company sent me on and i made sincere payments, in full till October '15. I quit my job for some reasons and i am still waiting for the payments to be cleared from the previous employer. Due to this, i have not been able to pay my cc bills and its reached a total of 90,000. I had paid 5200 twice in the month of April and May as a minimum payment to the collection executives and have not paid any thing since June. Now, i have been emailed a "PDN DEMAND NOTICE" by a firm called SA associates in Bangalore, asking me to clear the whole 90,000 by 7 days time. I had managed to get time till November '16 via an sms from the person who had called me to persuade me to make the payment of 5200 as a monthly minimum in the month of February '16. I have now got a job starting from the 1st of October and will be able to make monthly payments again from October end, once i start receiving my salaries. My question is, how can i take time till the end of October to start paying out my monthly commitments to the bank towards the cc dues? The collection agent is not abusive per say, but is very adamant that i make the payment within 7 days from today. He tells me that there is no other go than to make the payment within this weekend, which is impossible for me in my current financial state.