Dispute with my wife on divorce case, now she has filed DV and..

Hello Sir, To narrate my story in short words, i got married with a girl from himachal 3 years back. Since beginning we had issues in our married life. after one year of marriage we got blessed with a baby girl however dispute between us didn;t stop even after that. my wife used to insult my parents and me socially and even when i tried to convince her not to do she threaten me of women empowerment and laws in india for women. She was actually not happy that i also take care of my [parents who are senior citizen financially and emotionally. After a tragic incident in my family she forced me to to shift my parents to a different rented house and not to support them in any ways, which was impossible for me. When my parents shifted to a different rented house (mine was also rented) she wanted me to close all relations with them on which i said no clearly to her. From there our issues and fights had come to such a level that i decided to get separate from her. I left my house in early this year and before leaving i lodged a police complaint against her and mention all the reasons why i was leaving house and while i was leaving she was absolutely ok and i left house just in some pair of clothes. After around 15 days of leaving my home i filed a divorce case against her in Delhi. After residing there around 2 months she also moved from the matrimonial house but before leaving she received the divorce petition, and moved to her parental house in himachal. Before leaving matrimonial home she also lodged a complain here in Delhi Crime women cell which later she transferred to himachal. Now from himachal i got to know that she has filed a police complaint which later has been forwarded to protection officer and to the session court from there as a DV case. She has also filed a maintenance case (125) from himachal only. now it's been more than 6 months that we are living separate from each other but i still have certain doubts: 1: It's been more than 6 months that we are separate, can she still file 498 against me and my family ? 2: She has involved my parents also in her DV complaint, but honestly there were no such physical incidents happened so there can't be any proof or evidences of them, still can she prove me or my parents guilty in DV if so what should be the punishment for that. Prison / fine etc ? 3: Can she file a suit to transfer divorce case from delhi to himachal if so how easy or difficult it is. Considering i am also working and i can;t go every month or week to himachal already going there for 2 cases. Can i denfend that transfer petition ? 4: She is also working however not sure if she has disclosed that, in that case what percentage she can claim as a maintenance from me considering that i reside in rented property etc . 5: I don;t think they are in a mode of considering mutual divorce as they are in greed of huge alimony which i am unable to pay, what time frame should it take to finalise divorce case from court's end ? Thanks for your suggestions in advance.