How do I prove myself

My husband always does a blame game. He speaks about himself as good husband and then starts saying that I do not love him or care for him. for every small thing he does this kind of blame game which now went up to saying that I never allowed him touch me or have sex . I spend money on house expenditure and I give money whenever he asks me money. But still he asks me to give all the money and says he has right on my salary as he is my husband. His opinion is either I should give him entire salary or put every penny I earn into his hands by giving him my account details and Passwords. He is demanding me to do either of this. He says he will transfer money into his account. For every small thing he stops talking to me for 10-15days and this is a monthly activity for him. He says , I should please him , I should beg him for talking to me. when I ask why all this? he says cant you do that to your husband. if you wont plead me whom will you plead , what will happen if you do that? Its okay for me to please him , beg him once or twice . But monthly I cant do this. Why does he have to stop talking to me for 10-15 days and Why does he expect me to bug him to talk to me. And If I do not do it , he again starts blaming that I never care for him , I never loved him at all. Why all this mind games with me? He is warning me for every small thing saying if he decides on things then I will be in asshole as I am a woman. He being a guy he can live anyway. Based on people's advice I tried to record his words , but he speaks about him as good husband and then starts blaming me , so when another person hears it , they will feel that I am wrong. I do not know how to prove myself. Please suggest what to do.