Fraud by Person

Hello Sir, My Name Is Pravin Saindane From Nashik Maharashtra. I bought a Hero Meastro bike on 6 Nov. 2015 from one person (Mr. Amol Deshmane) who is my relatives friend. he told me I can give you new showroom bike from rural area in less price. That bike market price was up to 62000/-. He told you need to pay only 50,000/- & you will get new bike. I can save your 12000 to 15000 Rs. But you need to pay cash amount. My relative was also suggested me that, I know that person very well. I trust on him. He is lawyer & he will give you bike with all legal documents. Such bike is without octroi pay, hence you will get it in less price. such type of chances not get every time. & when your 12000 will save, so why you think? My trust was on my relative. So I paid 50,000 Rs. To that person hand in front of my relative & he gave me new Hero Meastro bike from rural area Hero Showroom. After passing when I asked that person about bike documents, he told me that, temerory bike's owner is my friend name, 'Suraj Dangat', when your RC book will get, we will transfer our bike by sign. On TT form from Suraj Dangat. Then bike will be on your own name. Before RC Book, I got insurance paper. When I saw insurance paper, I realize that, my bike is on Finance. When I confirm with showroom Owner about bike loan, he also told that, this bike is on loan, & you paid only 20,000 down payment. Showroom owner was also unknown about our financial trading. when I asked about bike loan to that person from whom I bought bike, he told me you don't take tension. I will clear you all procedure. When I help you to save your money, then why you asking question again & again? I told you many times, I will give your bike's NOC soon. you keep petions for some time. I again told him that, where I can pay 50,000/- in cash then I can able to pay full amount. so why you take our bike on loan?? in last month, I went to Showroom for bike servicing. That time Finance company team reached there, & they told me this bike is on loan & since last 9 months no singal EMI was paid. Which documents are submitted at the time of bike purchacing, that all docuuments are fake, address, mobile no. was also fake. No any person actual in present named 'Suraj Dangat' who was my bike's first owner. Now my bike at finance company custody. That person whom I paid 50,000/- now ignoring me. He only tell me I will do, I will escape your bike from finance company, but in actual no any action taken by him. Now, actual problem is that, when I bought bike from him, I made 100 RS. Bond with notery from him. But he didn't mention his name anywhere. On the bond, bike's first owner name which is fake, his photograph & sign was also fake & never I seen him before. and other side is my own name. as per I know, both parties must available at the time of Notery. But he told, I am lawyer. I can do anything. so no need to attend both parties at the time of Notery. Although I have 100 Rs. Bond, but that person didn't mention his name anywhere. So I don’t have any legal proof against him. that fraud person cheated me. I lost my 50,000 Rupees. please suggest me what should I do?? I am in very big trouble