Property dispute

Hi .My grandfather gave his house for her sister some time(around 6 months) to stay.Later she kept case on my grandfather saying that is her house in year 2009.His father gave her house to her .we stayed nearly 40+ years on that same house .Now nobody staying in that house . From the date of starting case .she never attended court .she always giving fake medical bills to take next time it dismissed for defalut .again they went for appeal.My garnd father really suffering a lot for money .he is aged around 75 years . And this process always going on .Can any thing we can do we can close caes within 1 or 2 months .so that he can get money by selling this . Their lawyer always intension to extend timing .until my grandfather death.she is also very old around 70 years . Let me now can we do some thing in some way please help us find the case details below : you can track on ecourts : Andhra state ,nellore dist ,junior civil court. Case Type: OS - ORIGINAL SUIT Filing Number: 3804/2009Filing Date: 24-08-2009 Registration No.: 264/2009Registration Date: 24-08-2009 Case Code: 201700038042009 Case Status First Hearing Date: 20th October 2009 Next Hearing Date: 17th August 2016 Stage of Case: CALL WITH IAS Court No. and Judge: 1-Junior Civil Judge Petitioner and Advocate 1) Dabbala Anasuyamma Address - Hindu, aged about 65 yrs., residing at Momidi Village, Chillakur Mandal Advocate- Sri Y. Aravind Respondent and Advocate 1) Tirumuru Veera Raghava Reddy Address - Hindu, aged about 68 yrs., Agriculturist, residing at Momidi Village, Chillakur Mandal