Planned to purchase a plot in BIAAPA approved layout

Hi Sir/Madam, I planned to purchase a plot in a DC converted and BIAAPA approved layout. The property which I am talking about is belongs to Nanjundappa. His father named appanna having have 4 daughters and 2 sons. 1st and last daughter are alive the middle two are not alive and the appanna is also not alive. The two sons of appanna named nanjundappa and ramiya had a partition of his father related property in the year 2000 and in the partition deed they not mentioned about there sisters. After the partition deed the property which belongs to nanjundappa is planned for a layout and he converted his land to DC and took BIAAPA approval from BBMP for layout. The yielder sister of nanjundappa has given a release deed for nanjundappa but the younger sister of nanjundappa has put a case against the nanjundappa because she also need some share on the property. My concern is I am planning to purchase a plot in this layout. I am going for an SBI loan. The advocate of SBI bank loan adviser is asking the partition deed from the daughter of appanna. The two daughter of appanna are not alive but the SBI adviser is saying the they need a release deed from the daughters of appanna those who are alive and also with children's of those are not alive. But nanjundappa is saying its not required as per government act his sisters wont get any shares of his father property. Can you please advise me how to proceed on this weather I can purchase plot on this kind of property. Best Regards, Sadashiva