Owner harassment

My landlord suddenly came to my house one night at 10pm while I was alone & cooking at home. My husband was yet to arrive from work. The owner was v angry & started shouting at me for d sound of utensils dat had happened while I was cooking. My husband asked him was is the problem& told him dat dis is not d way to speak to a female, den the owner again started shouting & quarrelled with my husband & told to vacate d house in 1 months time. The owner's father in law also used to peep through our window in the past to look what I'm doing inside. We r staying in dis house for 2& half year & listening to all the rules of owner. We went to the police station to complaint, den the police called d owner also der & took his side and shouted at me dat how can I think like about the owners father in law as he is an old man & is to be like my father. I am utterly shocked by these treatment of the police. The said if the owner think fit den we have to vacate our house & took dis in writing from us. Pls suggest what do I do.