Private loan on behalf of property

I usually takes loan frm my frnd as i m a business man..and it was a frndly loan.we were frnds frm last 20 years he use to provide me loans at different interest rates for a specific 2 years or more..if i need more he use to give me but he use to add all the previous loans and interest making it big i was in need i would never mind..but this time he calculated n makes amount of 17 Lacs rupees and made a sale agreement of my property like i m selling my property to him and i made a M.O .U STATING that he has no right on my property till period of 3 years .but after signing the paper he didnt gave me full amount what i needed . so i started paying him less interest..and after returing some amount only 6.5 lacs are pending..after which when i starting asking him to return my sale agreement paper as it was written that i will sell my room and give him within 3 years and he would return all papers before 6 six month ...before he ask for money..when i started asking for paper he started negotiating that first give my money then i will give ur paper,and all paper he made was without witness and registered..and he filed a complain against me...what should i do he paid every amount in checque but now he is saying that he paid me in cash and cheque which is totalling to 17 lacs..