Bda mistake

I have purchased a BDA property (20 * 30 sft = 600 sft) in the January 2016 and also got the plan approved by BBMP and get the khata extract in my name and started the construction of my house in BTM 4 stage Phase 2, Bangalore. When I started the construction some people come to my site and inform me to stop the work as they inform me that they are the original land owners and inform me that 200 sft is coming in there area and DBA has not given them the compensation and formed the layout. They have shown me the land papers and high court order copy dated 2007, in which the High court has given the case in there favor and asked DBA to start the fresh accusation of the land. Now they have filed an OS in the civil court and make BDA as first party and me as second party and asking for a stay for my construction. I have purchased the site from a second allocate who has purchase the land from first allocate and BDA has given the land in favor of first allocatee. Please advice me in this matter.