Husband filed false complaint against me

Hi I have been married for a year now. My husband had a pre-martial affair and continued it post marriage. I did not know about it initially. He was working in the USA before marraige. During initial marraige talks, we had informed that after marraige the bride and groom will have to go to USA for few years, and only later marraige was finalized. We never went to USA after marraige. He had quit his job when he came back to india for marriage and did not get a job again. As he was unemployed, he used to demand money from my father for monthly maintenance of the house. He took all my Jewellery and kept in his mothers house. Demanded 2 Lakhs for his visa processing. He started physically abusing me after I got to know about the illicit affair. He is a alcoholic and even arrested in the USA for drunk driving. After a year of physical emotional and money abuse, I filed for Dowry and physical abuse after that. FIR filed. He did not attend any enquiry even after two notice and then applied for AB. Now to get back at me, he has given a complaint on me and my family members to the commionser of police that I am a girl of immoral character and that I was in a live-in relationship with my tenant and m a alcoholic etc. he did this because I acquired skype proof, phone records that he was still in touch with his lover and did very atrocious things on the webcam (naked photos etc). What should I do about this complaint? 1. He is absconding for over a month, after he hit me and I called 100. What should I do for him to come and attend police enquiry? I have checked his work place, he is not there 2. It hurts me that he is calling me a girl of immoral character, I put up with his illicit relationship from day 5 of marraige. I tried to work out the marraige. 3. He sent two goondas home to get his laptop back as it has all evidence. Who also threatened that my husband has compromising pictures of me that will be published if I pursue the case. What should I do? 4. He is trying to leave the country to escape all the proceedings. What should I do? To arrest him I do not know where he is. Please help