Mental harassment by MIL and husband

I was married last year in July 2015. It is an arrange marriage. When my father asked about dowry, my MIL clearly said there is no need for it. That was the reason apart from their good behavior why we proceeded for marriage. But just after 8-10 days of marriage, my MIL started mentally harassing me for not getting anything (dowry) in marriage. after 1 month I came to my parents place for 1 week and had an argument with my MIL over a phone call. When I got back, I n my parents were unexpectedly humiliated, they forced me to write an apology letter, my phone was taken away. That month onward my MIL started torturing me mentally every day. I was supposed to call anyone through MIL phone with 'speaker on' n everyone sitting around. No privacy was allowed. I was also nt allowed to go to my hometown. My MIL also used to call my different relatives on ph n humiliate my parents n complain that my father didn't do anything for them(she meant he didn't give any dowry). My MIL n hubby also many times asked me to leave the house n go away forever.This continued for months. My hubby also is fully involved with his mom in all this. In Apr2016 I got a job. But my husband wanted my full salary though he earns 4-5 times more than me. My mobile was returned but with a new SIM which didn't include any no. other than My in-laws n hubby. In jun16 one of my SIMs was returned to me. But from next day onward i was levied with extra house chores. After job, I had to work till 10 p.m..along with listening to their harsh words. When one day in jul16 my hubby again asked me leave the house I simply left. Now i am with my parents. i resigned my job. Please advice me what I must do? what my rights are? Also I want to throw light on fact that my MIL harasses my FIL (a retired old person)in same manner n asks him to transfer all money to her otherwise to leave house n go. My all relatives n also partly my in-laws relatives are evidence to all these happenings. PLease help me with your precious advice soon. Thank you in advance.