Indirectly forceful marriage, indecent behaviour

I've been married to my husband for 2 and half years. Since I lost my father in 9 days after my marriage I had to give time to my mother and younger brother. Now, I used to come here at mother's for certain work or to take care of my mother during her illness. After my father's first 12days, whenever I came here my husband made issues. I was in relation with him for 6 yrs before marriage. And I had refused to continue relationship since I had got to know real him in later years. But I had already told at home about him. So he made scene and indirectly torturing my family. His mother called my mother every other day to ask if i had changed my mind. Since I was preparing for exams my parents did not tell me a thing about them calling. His mom used to call my mom when he cried or i can say showed off crying. They manipulated us emotionally. I had to give since my family was disturbed. Everyone was getting sick. Finally I got married, then in mere 9 days my father passed away... And till date I got no proper treatment from his family. I was being treated as object not a human. They knew me for years and still I had to hear that girl has to compromise for her new family and adjust. My mother in law did not make full meals.. Only roti sabji it was for whole day. And that too counted for every individual. There are many small small things. The clothes that I wore even after marriage were bought by my mother. they gifted me saree or dress materials of which tailoring costs were paid by my mom only again. I was not supposed watch tv or do anything out of their boundries. I don't know what exactly the problem is but my husband never tried to make my life comfortable. I was at home alone with his parents and he went out on trips with his colleagues. They said they were supporting me but then whenever I had to go for an interview or so I was made to stay at home because they used to leave house without even making single noise of door. I can't live this life. It seemed like my mother in law wanted a babysitter for her child not a life partner. In between I got diagnosed with PCOD and adenomyosis...... That too because my mother took me to the doctor. Again my husband was not cooperating. He used to tell me to take appointment but He never gave money. And there is a private problem too that I can not tell here. I can say I was a toy he wanted and his mother totally worked onto it.