How to face against 498 n maintainence

Hi i am krishna. I married in dec 2014 and me n my wife isnt living together since march 2016 and before that she always goes to their parents and hardly we lived 6mths together since dec 2014. Wen she was in my home she always try to fight with to live seprately. after marriage she didnt came to my house and orderd me like look a house for rent so that we can live away from ur family. This issue started after 2mths of marriage and later we lived seprately in dec 2015 upto one year she stayed in their parents house. And wen we r living sepatly i lost my job and she got a job till now m trying to find job. After she got job she said its to too long to go i cant travel much so we can shift near my office dn i said no and for this issue we aruged for days and one day she came to me n said u spoiled my life i dnt wanna be with u. And next day mrng she left and joined hostel without telling me and wen i called her she said m in hostel plz dnt call me i dnt wanna be with u m not confortable with u r behaviour. After that i called her parents and explained everything and later dey our daughter will stay in hostel untill u get a proper job. I called her n begged her to return but she didnt listen. And its been more dn 8mths. Now her father called my father and threatning that dey r going to file a 498case on us. Ours is love marriage and we didnt took dowery and not even ever asked a single penny. And she is not even with me a year and not even stayed with my parents over a month. What kind of cases they can file on us and how can i face thosw cases. I didnt done anything wrng. Dey can file maintaince case. But she is working n m still trying m just 26. Please kindly help me. What should i do. I snt want to be with her and same she dnt like me too but dey r theratning abt cases. Plz suggest me.