Dowry Case

My in laws asked 10 lac cash, gold ornaments,furniture, and all electronic goods from my parents in form of dowry. My parents were fulfilled all demands but cash 2.5 lakh from first day of my marriage my mother in law started abusing me and my parents in front of me for dowry and related goods, she deal me like a servant and did not allow me to talk my parents, she took all my jewelry . They verbally abused and harass me mentally for asking money from my parents, and now my husband left me at my parents home, and he is not ready to take any responsibility of me. They are not ready to bear any expanses related. My husband already took all my savings by saying that he needs money urgently. On contacting them they started abusing me and my family and putting false blame on me and my family that my parents are interfering by letting me stay at their place so better they take my lifetime responsibility. I am suffering from hypertension from their behavior. he has not contacted me from 1 month and he is not answering to my any call. Now I wanted to take legal action against them. one more thing i am from UP and my husband belong to Rajasthan. where i lodge a complaint against him Rajasthan or UP. I am in UP with my parents. Please guide me so that i could get justice