Request for help regarding a stuck PF Transfer

Dear Sir, I have attempted a PF transfer from my previous employer (TCS) which is a separate PF trust, to my current employer IMS Health (though I have recently left IMS Health). This PF Transfer process is in "Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office" status for about 3 months. I contacted all 3 parties (previous and current employers, and EPFO Bangalore office), and I have got the following responses from these 3 parties: (1) TCS (previous employer): TCS provided me the Annexure K as a proof of PF transfer completion from their side. (2) IMS Health (current employer): IMS Health has informed me that they did not get any letter or communication from the EPFO Bangalore office. They linked my PF A/c with IMS Health to my previously existing UAN, and the IMS Health PF passbook which appeared, did not show the transferred PF amount/details. (3) EPFO Bangalore office: As a reply to my grievance, they stated that "Your EPS claim is processed and service details transfer to BGBNG/26532/1683 in 2016-17". But this does not clear the air as the transferred PF balance is not reflecting in the IMS Health PF passbook. This whole exercise has left me very worried, as there is no transparency in the PF transfer process, and I am not able to ascertain ?where it is stuck. Thereby, I request your help. I am willing to pay fees to get this resolved. Thanks, Avijeet Singh. +[deleted].