Adverse report for my tatkal passport PV

Dear Experts, I have got my passport reissued under Tatkal scheme few weeks back, at the time application I have mentioned my current and permanent address same, it is a rented accommodation where I am staying for more than 3 years now. I have been contacted by police constable last week for police verification and I was present at my address for police verification and had submitted the desired documents like 2 neighbours address proof with their signatures.. Now I have got a message for the adverse report of my police checking with the constable he said since it is rented accommodation thus it cannot be your permanent address so because of this the report has been submitted adverse for your current residence in the police verification I have got my travel abroad coming Saturday i.e 13th august..i am travelling to Brazil..VISA has been done already..air tickets are are I have got this shock of my life.. please help me with your guidance on below 2 matters 1) Can I travel abroad with this adverse report 2) how to handle this issue to get it resolved permanently Many thanks in advance Regards,