blocking the public pathway with illegal parking of cars

hello, i live in a village in punjab. as it is a village its streets are wide enough to just let a big car pass through it. so there but not enough to park car sideways. so everybody must have a parking space for their vehical so that street is not blocked. But as we know society is full of idiots , our Neighbours are no exception to it. they are using the space of our society [mohalla] to park their cars leaving no space to even twowheeler to pass by. we too have car but we use our home front space (not public space) to park our car which do not block even a path of stray dogs ! car is parked within the main gate of our house. but our neighbours are i think some more intelligent persons then we are. why to spend money on parking arrangements of vehicals when we have all the right to use public space to park our cars ? in day either all are gone or one or two is still parked throughout the day so blocking the space for our car but not the two wheeler. one of our neighbour is having big suv car mahindra xylo which blocks 70% of the pathway when it is parked . in night all three cars are parked in their respective places making it look like we are living in front of some private parking lot. when we confront them regarding this they say that we will move their our cars when you have to get your car out. which they do but by wasting 30 mins to just get our car out of our own home ! when we have to go somewhere late night and come back late we have to park our car outside because their cars are parked infront of our parking place ! we park car outside sometime when we have even our own safe parking space ! my grand mother is in oldage and remain mostly ill . what if we needs to move her to hospital in case of medical emergecy in late hours of night ? we would have to beat their doors to get them awake at night hen request them to move their vihecals so that we can take her to doctor.......wasting crucial time of treatment in just getting out of our own home ! plz suggest some legal way to get rid of this bothersome i am feeling like my common civil rights are halted by theese goons...... i dont want to indulge in some down-scale verbal fighting with them. plzz suggest some way plzz