Denial of marriage certificate under Special Marriage Act.1954

Hi All, This is the situation where in the sub registrar denied to issue the Marriage certificate under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. 1) It has been more than 30 years since the marriage was done and they are still living together. 2) Inter-case Marriage where the bride is a Hindu and the Bridegroom being a Christian. 3) Bride did convert to be a Christian and the marriage is done accordingly. Now the reason we need the marriage certificate as this stage is that the Passport Officer demanded for the marriage certificate from the Sub-registrar in any case. Passport was denied in both the visit's with the same reason. So had to approach the Registrar office for the same now. However, the sub registrar denies to issue stating that it has crossed 30 years and the Special Marriage Act is only for people who love each other and get married being from different religions. I don't understand this condition of inter caste marriages only if you are in love before marriage or I don't see it written any where at least. he states that the marriage certificate issues by the Priest is sufficient and can be produced at Passport Office but the Passport Officer clearly denies it. Need suggestions as to how to proceed further in this situation so that the interested parties can get the Marriage ceritificate. Thanks and Regards, Pradeep