domestic problem

Dear sir, I am working in Army as an Officer. For better understanding of the matter, I have narrated events occured in chronological manner in subsequent paras. 1. During my marriage my dad wanted dowry which I opposed, from there problem started. He started abusing my mother, wife and her family. 2.Last year he again threatend my mother and brother and warned them from attending my sons baptism function. He also opposed my brothers' marriage at the same time and started living with his brothers. My self and my mother supported my brother and conducted his marriage(on 25 nov 2013) in the presence of entire family and friends. My father skipped all functions deliberately. 3. On 24th nov 2013, my father had written a letter to Defence Minister, Chief of Army and my Commanding Officer to throw me out of the army. 4.On 29th Nov he along with his 3 brothers attacked and started thrashing my mother. We called police. In that scuffle they got hurt. 5. I filed FIR against all of them meanwhile they also filed counter FIR (IPC 1860 sec 506,341,34,504,323,324) and again wrote to Defence Minister, Chief of Army and my Commanding Officer . They also approached one organisation to write against me and they also written to same people. 6. My mother approached court for protection and maintenance. The court ordered my father and his brothers to refrain from entering into our house. 7. Now since one year ther was no developments. I have not received any summon from the court. 8. Presently I am in NSG and was part of Republic day functions for VIP security. On the final day I was denied to attend since there was a FIR filed against me. 9. Now may request you to advice me on how to quash FIR against me and how to proceed over the case with regard to maintenance for my mother. With regards, Sabastian