Physical assault by husband and in laws

I got married in November 2014 under special marriage act. Soon after the marriage my husband who is from Bihar showed that because of his father's death needs to stay in Bihar for a few months. Whereas he showed just prior to marriage that he is setting up a business in delhi. I had joined a start up in delhi and because of all the tension and uncertainty had to quit. Once I moved to Bihar my husband, his stepmother, step brother and their other family members started mentally torturing me. Gradually that mental torture turned into physical torture and in August 2015 my husband and his family threw me out of the house. My stepmother had just caused my miscarriage around that time and due to weak mental condition I tried commiting suicide. After which my parents took me back to their house. I still wanted to return to my husband thinking he was being wrongly influenced by his family. After much crying and my parents being strict he took me back and kept me in a rented house in Bihar in October 2015. However in a months' time he had battered me badly ruptured my ear drums and broken my face. I had a lodged a FIR under 498 a. As I still wanted to give him another chance the court gave him provisional bail for a period of six months under the condition he would keep with honour and dignity. However in those six months he kept emotionally torturing and controlling me raised hands a few times but by then I started firmly stopping him. Had also given complains on two such occasions. After which he started behaving with a little respect. However on completion of six months he had beaten and humiliated my mother who had come to visit me. After which he was sent to police custody. The cases are in Bihar where the police is hand in glove with my husband and in laws and after him going to jail everyone is fearing for my safety even further and since they have thrown me out of my house I do not have a place to stay in Bihar. Prior to my marriage I was working hard on my career. But my husband who pretended to be extremely loving and generous made me give up my career and move base to Bihar. I am 34 and reviving my career would take a few years. Considering my current situation: 1. Whether it's advisable to stay back in Bihar and fight the case 2.What is the way to get the cases transferred to my city? 3. I stay back in Bihar what would be the precautions to be taken? 3. What should be the future course of action as 498a case has been registered against my husband and step mother in law. For which they are under bail.