Wife does not live with me

It's been 1 year to my marriage. I am from ludhiana and wife is from kanpur.. My wife initially was good but after 1.5 months she went to her parents to live for few days on 28 Aug 2015 by asking me. Later she started avoiding my calls and message and started quarrel on phones. I went to take her back and returned on 22 sept. As she returned she demanded to go again a month before her sister marriage. So I myself went and left her to parent house on 2nd jjne and returned. Post marriage she did not came with me instead came with her mother on 27jan. During this whole period of 25 days she again avoided me. Later one day she called her brother and asked that her mother is not well so she wish to go kanpur for 2-3 days. I booked tickets and she went with her brother. Once she left ludhiana her phone was off and I got worried. After reaching kanpur next day she told me that she reached safely. When asked about coming back ..she shouted And said I won't . After 15-20 days she asked for a seperate kitchen and then she will come back. My family and I to save my married life seperate kitvhen was provided. I went and bought her back. Later on our anniversary day there was a small argument between us as I found that she was creating confusion between my parents by speaking false things. The very next day 15 June I asked even sorry to break the ice between us but she was rude and didn't talked to me for next 3 days. On 18th without my consent her father came and took her daughter in minutes. Now after going on 18th till date she has not picked my calls . I wrote a mail and she replied " this is my life and do not mail me again" I made a complaint in women cell to get her back but after 4-5 times police calls my wife and her family didn't arrived. Now I filed a petition for divorce . All expenses on marriage were made from my side. Right from in-laws arrival and departure tickets even local conveyance ..every thing was paid from my pockets. Even my wife had transferred money randomly to her sister account for helping her family . Now for I need to pay any maintainence charges. If yes then why and how can I avoid this because all expenses were made by me . Please help