Hinud Marriage

My daughter got married in Mumbai Jan 2013, there was a baby boy born in 2015 and since then the son-in-law has been behaving strangely, rudely, mistreating my daughter and has been irresponsible in raising the child. No maintenance or expenses are provided by him. He lives with his parents who too have been treating her badly always shouting, accusing and threatening her. April 2016, there was an argument and the son in law threatened and she was asked to leave late in the evening. My daughter came to our house in Mumbai with a few clothes of my grandson and her own. Jewellery and other personal effects remain in the in laws house. It has been a few months now and there is no communication from the son in law or his parents to reconcile nor have they provided any financial support. The son in law and his family are extremely well to do and have multiple factories and properties, a plush house in Mumbai among other things. We have a family house in Indore where my daughter has now gone to stay. My questions:- 1. What are the options left to us to ensure that my daughter and grandson get a substantial maintenance since it is a matter of a life time bringing up the son. 2. Is it possible to ask for a residential property or a one time substantial settlement instead of a monthly maintenance as there is all probability that the family might not adhere to the court ruling in the long term and it will always be a problem asking for this if they default. 3. What are the terms under which the son in law can file for divorce first in Mumbai, we do not want to allow him a divorce but do not want that my daughter has to commute to Mumbai every time there is a court date. My daughter is not working and has only her savings to take care of herself and her son besides money given by us. Thank you in advance