She is very cruel and torture me- How Do I come out of this?

Dear Sir! It has been more than 9 years of our marriage. However my wife very frequently behave in eccentric way - like beating me, torturing me with false allegations, beating my child, putting false allegations that I beat her, I have relations with another women, interfering in my office like coming to my office during work , talking to my colleagues with false allegations about me, abusing my boss that he does not care for me, putting allegations that boss want to sleep with her , false dowry allegations against my parents , I m not caring for her and so on Sometimes she will tell neighbors that she is not keeping well but her husband still goes office , she did not have food for 2-3 days, and I am not taking care. She keeps on complaining about my personality and behaviors to all friends and neighbors. My patents does not live with us and she does not listen to them and So they are completely aloof of us. I have child now with age 5 years. I earn in private company and she is also educated but left jobs when our son born. Because of these behaviors I am very disturbed and come out of this situations. She will not give divorce and will contest it. What remedies I have. We have tried all combinations of counseling, advocate, her mother but not worked till now. Sometime I feel like suicide but seeing my son and my responsibility I don't go forward. Her all allegations are false in my case but everyone in society accepts as it is common by men. She can't prove, but knowingly she keeps on putting. Please help - To me these false allegations are like punishment in life as I have to live with it.