Failure to provide Home as per agreement.

Sir, Respected legal advisors, I book a 2 bhk flat with M/s Jupitarinfra in July, 2013 and the party has provided a notary signed agreement by the Builder M/s Valju Gokulds & sons at New Panvel, Mumbai. The project name is Commanders Gateway. I paid Rs.5,71,000/- through cheques as an advance and obtained receipts. As per agreement the party has to provide house by March, 2015. Till now they have not provided and M/s Jupitarinfra says that the project is not sanctioned by the Maharashtra State Government due to implementation of NAINA (due to construction of International Airport). Now M/s Jupitarinfra showing another project which is 25 kilimeters away from Panvel( Near Rasayani, Khurd Karade Village)which is remote area. The earlier project Commanders Gateway is 3.5 kilometers from Panvel. The party insisting the investors to accept their new project near Rasayani Khurd Karade village threatening that the party is not responsible for repayment of earlier advance, if not accepted present one. The party demanding the rate of sft is same as per old one. The committed rate is Rs.2725/- per sft and the same is charging for new one also which is far away from old project. The other projects near by new projects are charging Rs.2300/- per sft. The party M/s Jupitarinfra is not agreeing to fix the rate as per the nearby projects. Further, he don't want to refund our deposit in fair manner means not immediately (seeking time 1 year or more with uncertain date). Kindly suggest me what is the scope of judicial intervention. Ravi Babu, BARC, Anushakti Nagar