Inheritance by the way of Will

My father's uncle and aunt had a property in their name jointly with equal share and they have no children. Now my father's uncle died way back in 2003 without a will, leaving my father's aunt as a widow. Then my father's aunt made a will, stating that after her husband's death, she is the sole owner of the property, and as per her will, she has desired to give it to me after her death. Now when we are trying to execute the will in the court right now, the judge says, that my father's aunt can only transfer 50% of the property to me, as she had 50% share, while the rest 50% was with father's uncle, who never made a will. My point is, father's uncle died way back in 2003, and as per Hindu Succession Act, if a male dies without a will, his property goes equally to Class 1 legal heirs. Over here, the only person of Class 1 after father's uncle's death was his wife (i.e. My father's aunt) and she has made a will and desirous to transfer it to my name. The judge does not accept it. Anyway, to help me?