False fir under section 307 ,498a,506,342, 323, d.p act 3&4

My marriage date 22/4/2016 .i am from lakhimpur and my wife from lucknow . my wife is neuro patients last one year but me and my family don`t know about this fact . my wife file false fir on me and family under section 307,498a,506,342,323,d.p act 3&4 she use evidence of false medical but medical shows injure simple in nature and she shows incident date 19/5/2016 on this date she go away for lucknow with her mother after that she present at mahila thana lakhimpur on date 20/5/2016,after this i file divorce case on under hindu marriage act section 113 judge accept my petition on date 21/5/2016. after that me and my family present at mahila thana on date 21/5/216. we got next counseling date 5/6/2016,but on the date 29/5/16 my wife and her mother was try force to come in my father`s house but they can`t come at she damage my entry door i dialed 100 after police come and both parties in kotwali lakhimpur and kotwal warned both parties and says discus this issue on mahila thana on date 5/6/2016 . after this incident i refuse to accept my wife proposal, she wants to come my home after that on the date 15/6/16 kotwal lakhimpur come with my wife and her mother and 8 t0 10 police guard ,kotwal was force to come with my wife but i refuse .after this kotwal was force to take kotwali me and my father .kotwal says if i refused to accept the proposal he file case under section 307 and than put it in the lockup me and my father after next day me my family kotwal file case under section 151 and we got bailed but at this day kotwal also file case under section 307 ,498a,506,342, 323, d.p act 3&4 but we don`t know about this after some days some constable says my father about this .my arresting stay petition was not considered and high court reliesed a adverse oerder under section 156(1) and 155(2) what can i do this time.