Weightage of verbal statement in court co law

Sir, I was booked under 420,476,468 ,120 b by my employer in 2008 as i was head of the administration department and few people use to work under me , we used to procure stationery items from one supplier , unfortunately in oct 2008 while the audit was done the stationery received during the entire year couldn't get accounted for and large amount of quantity went missing in records , my employers lodged a police case against me that i have- in connivance with the stationery supplier agency made fake bills and got the inward entry done thru pressurizing security guard and then subsequently got the payment for materiel which never came inside the premises . Now after 8 years one of the security guards on duty gave statement to court that i had told him to do fake entry in the register . Kindly suggest that what weight age does the guard have in this case , he doesn't have any evidence that i told him to do so, what is view point on to it . Secondly during cross examining of witness what all question should we ask to safeguard my interest