How to get bail in article 498a and 304b

My friend & his mom r arrested frm last 4 months under 304b and 498a as his wife commited suicide by going in front of train. he got married in april last yr. She had a problem in her leg which they did nt disclose, my friend did nt evn saw her b4 marriage as it was a arranged marriage, also his family didn knew about it. Aftr getting married my frnd was staying alone in karnataka (job - BM vijaya bank). His wife was staying at his house n sometimes at her parents house. My frndz younger brother was suppose 2 get married on 10th march 2016 n just 2 days b4 my frnz wife commited suicide on 8 march 2016. The night b4 the incident she also told my frnd n his parents tht she doesn wanna stay there anymore. also the same evening 1 of her cousine called my frndz dad n abused him. Thn my frnds dad called the girls dad n informed him about it. They said send her home v will make her understand , my frnds dad asked them to come 2 his house so tht they can attend the marriage also n make her understand but they did nt agree. So my frnds dad agreed and the girls brother was coming in the next mrng 2 take her home. But at late night the girl escaped frm house n went near the railway station and committed suicide around 3 - 3:30am by going in front of the train. The RPF people called my frnds dad in the morning n informed them . My frnds dad informed the girls parents but as soon as they picked the call them made allegations on my frnds dad tht they have killed the girl n have put the body on the track to make it look like an accident which is actually a false allegation as these people have nt done anything. Also due to this my frnds brothers marriage also couldn take place. The post mortem report also discloses tht it is not a murder n the death is solely due to accident . The Train driver also said tht the girl was standing alone on the track n no other person was there near her, he honked bt she didn move n also applied emergency brakes bt the train didn stop n she died. Now my frnd n his mother r in jail frm last 4 months in sawaimadhopur, Rajasthan. Plz Help