Query regarding payment recovery from company

Dear Sir,  I would like to inform you that my 6 lacs payment is struck with pvt Ltd firm at Bangalore, which I have earned during my 20 years of service including PF amount. I am looking for your help in this regard. I am Channel Partner at Lucknow location, company business is mobile apps downloading at different location through channel partner like me, we have to create invoice with 45 days payment cycle, we are paying payout of stores n promoters lacally. First few months we get payment in time but from jan, 2016 (when invoice value reaches above 1.5 lacs) company is delaying payment & ask us to cooperate as this is temporary slow down in market, our three month invoice & deposit (around 6 lacs) is pending now & company is saying that their payment is pending & we will pay asap payment released by clients. I have given them time & continues downloading, later when I ask payment, they blame that you have done fraud downloading for which clients were not ready to pay, I have visited Bangalore in May, 2016 for meeting, company was not able to produce any proof of fraud downloading, still I agreed to share business loss in order to keep business relationship & get payment, company has promised to pay balance amount but they didn't pay that also. Now only option left to go for legal action but as area for such jurisdiction is Bangalore court & it is difficult for me to fight case at Bangalore since I am at Lucknow & company official are taking advantage of that. Please help. Anubhav Saxena