Mental harassment

Hello Sir, I got married on May 9, 2016, It was an arrange marriage. As I'm living in Delhi and working in a multinational company, I always wanted to marry in Delhi and when my father and brother went to see him first time he said to my bro and father that his job can be to transferred easily in Delhi and after marriage he will transfer his job and will come in delhi, only on that condition I agreed to marry him but after sometime he and his family demanding for dowry and this caused my father heart attack and my father died 4 days before my marriage. After that I did not want to marry him but my relatives and Chacha chachi told me to marry him cause my father spent lots of money and they will not return anything and everything will be wasted. That is why I married him and our marriage was held in our hometown. But From the first day of our marriage he asked me for money and I gave him and regularly 3 days he took money from me but after that I denied that I don't have money. Now I'm in Delhi at my parents house and have continued my job and my husband in Punjab as his job in Punjab. Now he is forcing me to come with him in Punjab and calls me 24 hours every time and makes me and my sister irritate very much, due to this I cannot get proper sleep and take food and even cannot concentrate on my work and if I'm not able to receive his calls he then calls my sister on her number constantly and he doubts on my character and he wants me not to talk any of my colleuegs and friends and kept checking my phone when he comes on weekends at my parents house. My parents are expired and I'm living with my younger sister at my parents' house. As my parents have expired my both bua and Fufa ji are my guardians and now my husband started abusing them and I'm mentally disturbed due to all of this and cannot tolerate all these things anymore. Please advice me what should I do regarding this.