Rent related issue

I am Girish Nair, from 2011 I was staying in a rented house located in JP Nagar Bangalore. Mar 2016 I updated my house owner that I am going to vacate the house by May 2016. (I shifted end of Mar 2016, but I given the rent till May 2016.) May 2016 - I asked him the deposit amount of Rs. 50000/- initially he asked me to wait for a week, later when I met him, he given me a calculation sheet where it was showing an outstanding of 80000/- from my end, after deducting the deposit amount of Rs.50000/- I need to pay him Rs.30000/-. As per him there are two month rent is pending- Nov 2015 & Feb 2016, as per him he did not observed during the period, after 6 months when I asked for deposit amount he was checking the rent & other calculations, there he found the said difference. He only refused to accept rent through Bank, as he was working as a Sub-Inspector in Police Bangalore. (2014 he retired) I was paying the rent through cash & bank mode, many times I paid as cash. Now he says from Nov & Feb month rent not reflecting in the statement, because of that I have to give him the amount, he said there is no cash payment given to him, but me & my friend together went & given him cash many times. Till may 2016 he did not told me anything & coming with the above said calculations when I asked for the deposit. He started calling me for the outstanding of 30000/-, but I updated him it’s not possible to give based on the statement or your words. Yesterday he visited my friend office & threaten him that he knows how to get the amount if not paid in two days. Everybody was asking why not informed at the same month, he says I did not observed. He was working in cops, definitely he can create a seen by taking their support. He knows legally he can’t do anything. In advance I wanted to make a complaint regarding threatening, so that I can show it, if he initiate something with cops support. Kindly help.