I want justice

Hi All.. I was in a relationship with a boy since 1 year..we have decided that we both can think for marriage..we both told our family about our relationship..they met with each other .. both families got agreed for the Roka ceremony..we did the function in restaurant..we gave money,clothes and gifts to him and his family.After two days of function they said kundli are not matching we don't want to continue..when I said we already discussed about this earlier so no point to discuss it now..they were stick on his point for few days..but one day a boy demanded for Verna Car from my side as a dowry and some gold jewellery for his sister's..when me and my family said we are not able to give all of these then he and his family said we will not continue it. My questions now:- 1.First of all, after seeing our status if they know us that we are not rich..why they agreed for the function? 2.Now boy is saying I don't love you so point to continue when there is no love..i want to ask him wen you don't love me what you were doing with me from 1 year? 3.It means when a boy want he can make a relationship..go n date with girl..he can do the function..n he can break it also..so girl feelings,respect, doesn't matter? Just because I am a girl? 4.I have all the proofs photos.. messages in which he himself said he do love me..all photos of the function..all of the sudden he changed. Just wanted to know can I get Justice or not? If not that's means now boy can anything..earlier they were making relationships and break up..but now they do function and after that they break..! Amazing! Do reply if I can get the Justice!