Group Housing Society Management not allowing workers to work at

Sir, I have an apartment with personal terrace in Group Housing Society at Gurgaon. These were handed over by a board stating no addition / alteration will be made to the apartment. Most retired and settled members have modified and enclosed their balconies into the hall. They have also moved outwards creating a cabinet structure instead of Windows. Having done all the modifications to their own apartments these members who are a part of Society Management are quoting rules to members settling now and creating impediments at all stages. I have my luggage kept in a room for years which has got termite infested. I want to get the whole apartment done before I move in. I took permission to create a porta cabin on my terrace and paid full charges to society office for renovation at my apartment. While the temporary structure was being created on the personal terrace , the society management stopped the work and is not allowing workers even to work on the apartment. They are saying the temporary structure created on terrace as small store made of aluminium beams and light aluminium roof is illegal. Further despite all the four pillars that I am using with my terrace are encroachment as they constitute part of the building structure. I find it baffling since they modified their balconies and extended them outwards and even created great plastic structures on common wall as sheds. While my structure is within my terrace in a corner. My old and aging parents need this space urgently. But society is insisting I remove my store and only then will they allow any work at my apartment. They don't allow the workers in despite drawing their attention in writing to the fact that they all have modified their own apartments . Further much more has been done on the other limited number of terraces in the society. They say they are addressing the issue. How to get my work started at the earliest ? What are the legal or other options? Advise will be greatly appreciated.