What needs to be done

Dear Esteemed Lawyers. I am 32 and got married to my wife 3 years ago who is from other state. everything was fine in the begining as I was employed with acorporate company. After 3 months of marriage my wife started to pester me to live seperately which I did and one fine day she wanted to go to her parents place for festival. I was not able to go the festival but went to get her the third day after festival. But there was an excuse saying she needed to write an examination and would be at her place to study, which I allowed and returned to my state. She began to demand money for each and everything which I used to transfer. One fine day she informed that she was going to visit her grand mother and went to Bangalore, which I came to know and have complained to her parents and she was brought back ever since then she has not spoken to me. Removed her sim card and began to blackmail her parents if is sent back to me she would commit suicide. 2 years 3 months passed she is not with me. Now she wanted divorce and pittiance as she spent a year with other person she loves. Her parents are aware of everything, but still support her as she is blackmailing them. what should I do as she has sent a divorce notice.