Legal options against a person not returning money lent to him

Hello, 1. advise sought on the issue of non return of lent money to a friend 2. last year, I lent Rs 50,000 to a friend as he was in need and on the promise that he would return the same shortly 3. As on date he has returned Rs 40,000 but Rs 10,000 are still pending from his side 4. He is not picking up my calls nor replying to my SMSs and totally avoiding me 5. I do not reside at my home town hence it is difficult to monitor the thing from my side effectively 6. I had called up the local police stn informing them about the same but they asked to give any proof along with written letter for their further action or direct my father to the police stn 7. I had transferred Rs 50,000 in the account of another person and not directly in my friend's account, the proof of transaction is there in my account 8. my friend deposited Rs 40,000 as cash in my account the propf of which also remains in my account 9. What are the legal or police options available for me to ensure that balance Rs 10,000 are returned by my friend please advise thanks