Query about matrimonal case under sec12& sec13

I married my daughter last april 2015. After her stay for about over two months at her inlaws it came to knowledge that the guy is impotent. The marriage was not consumated. The things took severe turn and we were forced to file a suit . Our advocate filed a suit under section 16 for nulity of marriage which was filed before one year of marriage . The hearings went on only limited to subsequent dates. Eventually the opponent advocate replied stating that if the girl was sure of impotence the suit should have been filed on single ground and on. Any the honble judge dismissed the said petition as infractuous and main petition under section 12 and 13 was placed by our advocate at the time of initial filing which was admitted. The opponent advocate has replied the same with emphasis on that the marriage has been consumated and girl was not interested in a kid and so on which is all false. Besides having taken no article or clothings from her inlaws house they have stated that she has taken every item and nothing is left over their. We requesred our advocate to ask the honble court for subjecting the guy to medical test from medical board. He says the application could be processed only after issues are framed and after filing objections from their side. We r vey upser on this issue as it has spoiled and put an unnecessay blot on our daughter I would request you to kinly enlighten me the quickest action which could be taken in this regard to get rid. More over what is the process to acquire our goods from them. Moreover can we proceed ladies police and women commission for their help too. Thanking u and expecting a detailed reply from your august hands.