Fraud in Plot Sale

I have signed a land “Sale Agreement” with M/s Bhoomi Real Estate Developers Pvt. Ltd registered office SCF-119, New Sabji Mandi, Sector-16 Faridabad, Haryana dated December, 29, 2013. The land is situated in Dalerpur Village, Greater Noida. The purchase cost of above land is Rs. 150000 (Rs. 3000 per Square Yard). Accordingly the “Sale Agreement” was signed and 25 % of Rs. 1.5 lacs i.e. Rs. 37500 paid on dated December 29, 2013. The details of payment are mentioned below: • Rs. 5000 was paid in cash as booking amount • Rs. 32500 was paid on December 29, 2013 After making payment of 25% of the land purchase cost, M/s Bhoomi Real Estate Developers Pvt. Ltd allotted 50 square yard land through plot no. 496 at the above mentioned address. Reaming amount of Rs. 112500 have already been paid by the purchaser in 24 equal installments i.e. Rs. 4688 per month. 22 out of 24 installments paid through online transfer to Account Number [deleted] and reaming 02 by cheque in the name of M/s Bhoomi Real Estate Developers Pvt. Ltd. On December 07, 2015 I have paid my final installment of Rs. 4688 . Now it is onus of the seller to get the land transfer to the purchaser but in this case unfortunately, seller is not co-operating with purchaser of this land. The purchaser has discussed several times with the seller over phone for transfer/registry of the land but there is no satisfactory response. Now the builder is asking that this land is in dispute. you can take other plot which is not a good location. I want return my money please help.