Illegal electric connection from my meter

A room had been given to our cooking maid(lady) by my deceased father at ancestral home at lucknow,she was having 1 unmarried girl that time with no trace of her husband.My father even helped in getting her daughter married.this lady was having 2 daughters n both left their sasural after sometime n returned back.her husband also returned, then they started taking encroaching our lawn,open space citing litle given space to them.Initially, they paid electric charges from common meter but slowly declined to give any money and started Gundagardi n abusing us.our electricity bill was very high,we were unable to pay so it was disconnected,somehow money was arranged and on part payment,electricity was reinstalled but within no time,these people whom we had given one room in our house had created scene and threatened me for implicating in police case and to family members n illegally taken supply frm my meter. Complain to police n electric deptt.has been made,but no help is available.Police has not registered any FIR so I had made registry to them at all levels.while in elctricity deptt.compalin has been given by hand.Now pl. suggests.