2nd time FIR on 498a, DP 3/4

I & My wife married 10 years ago and have 2 sons ( 6 yrs & 9 yrs old kid). Recently, In April 2016, My wife under the influence of her parents & relatives had filed a complaint on me, my parents & my sisters accusing of mental & dowry harassment. the demand was to make me stay away from parents and separate home for which i didn't agree. Police registered FIR ( IPC 498a, 504 & 506 , DP 3/4) on me, my parents & my sisters. Only my age old parents stay with me. my sisters are in different city living with their families. I quickly applied for AB and got the same from the district court. After the FIR, somehow my wife wanted to discuss with me and after discussions, she agreed to withdraw her case. so we requested the court to direct to mediation center where unconditional compromise was made. after this court, directed the police station to close the case. Things were smooth later as my parents moved out of my house once she was back with me in June. But after 2 weeks, in my absence she took away my car, all previous case documents, my kids along with their books n uniform to her parents house. I called her up and she said she doesn't want to stay with me unless i listen to her and parents and live accordingly to their terms. after 2 days, i visited my kids school and brought them back to my house. Later that day in the evening, she came to my home, saw home was locked and went away after abusing me over phone call. She consumed BP tablets 10 nos on the way and called up my cousin and asked him to admit to nearby hospital. this was just a drama to exert pressure on me. but since it was a MLC , police recorded her statement in hospital and she again gave the same fake complaint - 498a, Dp act 3/4 charges on me and my parents. my sisters left out this time. this police station is different and now after knowing that earlier FIR is closed, they have converted to fresh FIR citing the time of incident as a week old. This was due to pressure brought by parents politically. Now again, i got the AB on the second FIR. my wife and their parents are approaching us for compromise again, what needs to be done.> how can i accept a suicidal tendency & 498a wife back again? Does the second FIR on same sections has merit even after MoU in mediation center where it is clearly mentioned that she is withdrawing all complaints unconditionally? can i go for stay/quash on proceedings in High Court? Please advise