Hi I was married on august 2014 and on september 2014 I found that my husband was suffering from an incurable neurodegenerative disease , because of which he cannot lead a proper married life. He was diagnosed with this condition long before my marriage and they have hidden this fact from us and proceeded with the marriage, it is when I got a medical certificate from his house claiming that he is suffering from this illness and lifelong he has to suffer from it, I came to know about all this, my husband nor inlaws have told me about this illness even after marriage. I took the medical case history from the hospital where he is on treatment and filed a divorce petition on december 2014. He had agreed to sign on the joint petition for divorce and the same was signed mutually after completion of 1 year of our marriage ( My advocate told , mutual can be filed only after 1 year of marriage ) on October 2015. He had agreed that he will return my dowry comprising gold and cash at the completion of 6 months of filing mutual petition. On March 2016, 6 months time had completed, but he is not willing to give back the dowry and repeatedly asking extension for paying the dowry. He is telling he needs more time to give back the dowry as he dont earn much. So my case is still pending in the court due to this. From September 2014 onwards I am staying with my family. I have attached his house in the criminal court and now my advocate is telling the execution of the stay attachment will take longer time to settle. Please provide me your suggestions on this regard.