Mutual consent

Hi, Myself and my wife decided to apply divorce by mutual consent. we got married at 12.06.2013 and from the day one itself both we felt uncomfortable with each other i.e living separately under one roof.We dont have kids. she is working as a teacher and now she is living alone in a hostel since march 6th 2016. She is not ready to contact me to discuss anything.She and her family refused me whenever I tried to contact them. So I gave a petition to our area women police station. When they inquired her,she literally gave the statement that she is not willing to live along with me and she gave the written statement which states that she is not ready to live with me anymore and she needs divorce and she mentioned that nothing is there for final settlement between us and she dont need any maintenance charge. I too gave the written statement as accepting her statement and I will also apply for the divorce mutually. It happened on may 07th 2016.But from my side my family didnt accept it and they asked me to wait for sometime so that she may change her mind. But nothing happened till now and she is getting very rude now. So I decided to apply now mutually. Is there any chance to wave off the 6 months cooling off period with the help of written statement which we have given in police station. Because cooling off period is meant for the realization only and we dont have any changes in the decision.what is the use of waiting for another 6 months and we are stubborn in our decisions. My doubt is,from the web site it came to know that if it is not possible in family court, it can be waved off in SC. Is it true? . Is it possible in HC?. In SC, what is the procedure to wave off and appx. how much it cost. Moreover,after applying in family court only I can go for SC or can I directly apply in SC for my quicker divorce? which is the best way to get it sooner and how much it cost? kindly advise me..