We got married in april 2000. Remained in Insia until 2008. Immigrated to canada with our children (now 16 and 13). In 2014, my wife complained against me, and i was charged with spousal assault. This happened after i found that she was using forged certificates theoughout her life, and tried to stop her. All of us are Canadians now. I got a conditional discharge from Canada in May 2015 I returned to India in May 2015, and filed a complaint with the police submitting them all the documents against my wife and father in law. The investigation has started in the case. Now, my wife has forwarded an application to the court under CrPC 125. Her return for 2015 is for $28000. Also, he is getting $12000 from govt under different heads. All in all, she makes $40000 pa. My return is of $17000 and INR 135000 for 2015 financial year, as i got a job for INR 15000 per month in India. I have no plans to go back. What could be the outcome of the case, as she is making much much more money than me, and i have the government documents to prove that.