Scope of section 160CrPC

I am a doctor working in the department of Forensic Medicine in a government medical college. Recently a lady colleague of mine (a doctor) had conducted an autopsy on a case if alleged murder. She had issued the postmortem report and has given her statement to the police. Now, after about 3months after the incident, she has received a letter from the investigation officer under section 160Cr PC ordering her to be present in a court to "identify" a suspect weapon used in the crime. Normally, the officers come to our department to record our 161,162 statements. Thiis is for the first time that we have received a letter from the investigating officer asking us to go to the court and identify the weapon, before it is submitted to the court. I hope the esteemed forum understands that 1.The summoned person is not an accused person, but a medical witness. 2. No precedence of this sort in our department. Kindly advise whether we should comply, or we should wait for the court to summon us.