How to file case against domestic violence

I got marry in 2000. My husband started beating me in small thing. his mother always asks me for some Rs.bring from your parents. your parent has given me less dowry. every work of house done by me but my mother in law always unhappy with me and treated such like servant. My husband was always beat me such like animal and after some time he tells me that i will forgive him for this happening. I always forgave him. i am computer professional i have started computer Institute and my husband was not have any technical education. he was empty in the beginning of marriage. I have started giving him computer education and after some time he also started teach with me in computer institute. and job works etc. in 2008 he works with a small business and he earns approx 50000 Rs. he has taken my all things like jewellery and all money by emotionally blackmail. now i am not financial strong. i have a child also. i am suffering from depression about 6 years. now i am going to mad. He always says me he will take divorce with me and remarry with other women and he will not give me any property or any financial support. now every time he violent me and abuses. My child also see everything and always he stay with stress and ask me for separate from him. But now i have no money for surviving. Please tell me what we have to done.