Fired from job without notice and salary

Hi, im an HR manager by profession. On 11May 2014, I joined one real estate broker company as Mgr-HR. I was told during the interview that its completely HR Generalist job but within a week o understood that ot was purely Recruitment profile.This company hire people on No Sale-No Salary term and so they turned my job also as target based and tricked me that I was in interview told that I have to bring along with me 5teamheads with an existing team of minimum 5team members and when i strongly protested that this was not told to me they gave me a months time to complete this target and started harassing me by asking daily interview n selection report and criticising me that im not doing up to mark.i was not in financial situation to giveup my job so I had no choice but to tolerate this. This went on for a month and due to excess work pressure i fell badly sick n took one leave during may month and when I received my 1st month salary it was 1.5days short which was deducted for one leave during probation was not allowed which was nowhere mentioned in HR policy they shared and 0.5 for 2 late comings for 5-5mins. 2 days in the month. When I protested I was asked to leave that very day I.e. June 10, 2014 saying my performance was not up to mark and then for 10days salary i was told I shall be given with next month salary processing date I.e. July 07 and then refussed thereon. My salary was Rs.62500/month so it was a major set back on my financial condition.i am still searching for job from past 3months but couldnt get any and im in alot of financial and mental stress. Some facts: I was never given Appointment Letter they kept saying will give on a day or two. The only doc I have as my appointment proof os a offer letter on my mail stating my date of joining, salary and 2month pronation bt no notice period mention during probation. I was signing a register for attendence, no biometric for 1st month they said. I have no official email backup as the laptop was taken on the spot. I have an official I card of company and the first salary cheque. My questions: With above mentioned facts do I stand a strong mental harassment and without notice termination case? If so, what is the amount I can claim and how long can this take? How much can be the fee of advocate for the case? Please provide advice as its not just financial loss that is hurting but also i was thinking this is purely an offencive thing and by tolerating this I am allowing this person to continue doing this with many more people everyday. Thanks Pooja Yadav